13 2017

Four winds of false doctrine.

John Farley Pastor-Teacher Sunday, August 13, 2017 Four winds of false doctrine Col 2:6 Paul asks the Colossians one question in this letter. This question indicates where his concern reached a fever pitch. Col 2:20-23 1. They don’t work. They are...
06 2017

The Robbers Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Today, Chosen People...
30 2017

Little church, BIG revelations.

CSM spreads the grace gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and trains pastors and evangelists in the Word of God. CSM works in 5 different countries: Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia. If you...
16 2017

Colossae, we have a problem

John Farley Pastor-Teacher Sunday, July 16, 2017 Announcements Rich Freeman will be joining us on Sunday August 20. Our church vacation is Sun Jul 23 through Sat July 29. Colossae, we have a problem Colossians 1:1 – 4:18 First, every time our Lord Jesus Christ is...
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