Truth and baseball.

Php 4:8-9; Joh 14:6; 17:17; Ecc 1:1-18.

COL-9-171001 - length: 63:13 - taught on Oct, 1 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 1, 2017

Truth and baseball

COL 2:1-10

EPH 1:13

God’s great desire is that all men come to the knowledge of the truth.

1TI 2:3-7

There is a movement in Christianity to disregard the truth of the Bible and replace it with so-called experiences of God.

1TI 3:14-15

The church of the living God is
the pillar and support of the truth.

The local church can fail at many things, but it must not fail at preaching the truth of the word of God.

PHI 4:8-9

“post-modernism” and
“the emergent church”


Truth is constructed by people based on their experiences.

JOH 14:6
JOH 17:17

Truth is not constructed by the arguments of man.

Truth comes from God.
It’s embodied in Christ.

And truth is revealed in the Bible, the word of God.

Since every person or group has different experiences, then every person or group has their own truth.